Sue Sharp Music


Mind Health

Thinking matters, 

what you think you create....


Subconscious Pilot

Conscious-Subconscious-Unconscious Mind

Frequency Heart Coherence

How to change your life

Words of Sabotage

Frequency & Disease

Relaxation Music & Visual

Music is about colouring outside of the lines

The new age of music,

that flows with the energy that life exists within, that has the ability to attract & evoke healing,

that has the ability to engage feelings that allows your mind to open outside of the field of possibility,

that allows your mind to flow with frequencies & tones in the abstract universal order!

We are music,

ever flowing energies that attract positive & negative to ourselves as we endeavour to maintain balance - yin/yang.

We can never be one or the other, it is not the souls journey, we are but a cell in the universal structure,

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